How GoPI3Ks have helped those living with a PIK3CA mutation.

Since becoming a registered charity at the end of 2017 we have been able to help with the following:


Our first ever grant was made in 2018 & this was to help one of our members with getting a pair of bespoke trousers made. We were happy to be able to help with this as we know how difficult it can be to find that clothes that fit & those that don’t, to have them professionally tailored to suit can be pretty expensive.


For  more information onour first family weekend, please see our News Letter December 2018


We were also able to help one of our members with purchasing footwear, shoes & socks from the USA as they are unable to get the size they need in the UK to fit their overgrowth.

In February we were contacted by our member Margaret who had been struggling with her old electric wheelchair that wasn’t working well at all. We were happy to be able to supply her with a brand new electric wheelchair, Margaret was happy to for us to share photos of her using her new chair